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The male hormone testosterone is well known as synonymous with virility and sexual potency. It is widely used as a doping agent in sports. What are its effects? Doping or treatment, is it dangerous to health?
Unlike the majority of hormones, testosterone is not a protein, but a steroid which is from a lipid, cholesterol, and belongs to the group of androgens. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes and adrenal glands. Women also produce testosterone but in smaller quantities, at the ovaries and adrenal glands. Ageless male can help improve it significantly.

Testosterone is essential at different stages of life:

• in the embryo, it allows embryonic cells to differentiate into cells of the male reproductive system, is what is known: sexual differentiation. She is also on the growth and functioning of the prostate and seminal vesicles;

• at birth, reproductive organs are differentiated but not yet functional;

• it is not until puberty that two glands in the brain, the hypothalamus and the pituitary hormone send messages to the gonads. The testicles then synthesize more testosterone, which will allow young sperm maturation and the development of secondary sexual characteristics: the way it becomes more severe, the hair grows, the size of the testicles and penis increases. Ageless male is the way to go definitely!


The doping effects of testosterone

Testosterone increases the competitive spirit but can lead to dependence. This is why we wrote an ageless male review!

In sports, testosterone is sought for these anabolic properties. Indeed, the hormone is able to enter muscle cells, stimulate the production of protein and prevent the removal of the excess production. Result: the cells are filled with protein and muscle swelling.

The second doping effect of testosterone is the stimulation of hematopoiesis, that is to say the production of blood cells. If there are more red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells and recover carbon dioxide, oxygenated muscle is longer and recovers faster.

A long-term testosterone synthesis has negative effects on health, but the lack of testosterone can also be responsible for physical and psychological disorders.

Hormone and testosterone

Testosterone is used in medicine, especially in case of andropause. But we have found that using Ageless male is a better alternative.

Testosterone is the hormone of desire both in men than in women. Its decrease causes a decrease in libido and fertility, erectile dysfunction but also a lack of muscular energy and extreme irritability.

Effects that can affect women who have had their ovaries removed, having more estrogen and more testosterone. This is what is known as a surgical menopause early. To help our young women still find sex life almost normal, testosterone patches exist.

In men, this type of hormone therapy by adding testosterone has long been used primarily in more than 50 years who suffer from andropause, because with age, the gonads produce less testosterone.

But some hormonal therapies should instead decrease the production of testosterone, especially in case of prostate cancer. This disease is paradoxically the most common cancer in men over 50 years, but also one that has the best prognosis. It is increasingly diagnosed early, treatments are improving and hormone therapy is successful in 95% of cases.
While a growing number of men taking testosterone with age, the benefits seem very low according to a new study published this week. More about ageless male review.